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Just Vegan Facts was set up by me, Taylor, to help combat misinformation surrounding veganism. Despite a positive media shift towards a Plant-Based lifestyle in recent years, I'd noticed a lack of science-based information concerning the topic being shared on social media, so I set off on a journey to help spread reliable information. 

To tackle the issue, Just Vegan Facts was set up to deliver bite-sized, concise and most importantly, sourced facts about the effects our personal choices have on animals, the environment and our health.

My personal journey into veganism followed a conversation with a colleague at a festival in East London in 2012. It was this conversation that highlighted an ethical contradiction that I simply couldn't justify. I was saying that I love animals, whilst simultaneously causing them harm. So I gave up animal flesh later that year - But I was still consuming animal products.

It was several years later that further conversations surrounding vegetarianism and veganism led me to watch Forks Over Knives, Cowspiracy and What The Health in 2016, where I eventually aligned my actions with my beliefs by eliminating all animal products from my lifestyle.

“The only thing you’ll regret about going vegan is that you didn’t do it sooner”.
- Ignatz Ziller

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